Galleons Case Study

Galleons Case Study


The strategy involved a release every 5-6 weeks, beginning in November, leading up to a full length album in May 2021.

Every single had a supporting pre-save and post-release campaign on Facebook and Instagram. We focused heavily on targeting cold audiences initially to establish who was a potential fan and where they may have been located in the world. Once we gathered enough data, we focused on serving targeted ads to retargeted audiences to maximize retention and engagement (with thank you clips, sneak peeks of unreleased songs, a cappella takes of previously released singles etc) while providing exclusive material to cement the fan base.

During the campaign we triggered Discover Weekly and Release Radar with every release, amassing over 30,000 monthly streams in algorithms. Furthermore, we landed multiple editorials for every single.

Back in November we had 10,000 monthly listeners and generated less than 80,000 streams/month. After a six months long campaign, we cracked the 100,000 monthly listeners, and we broke the 550,000 streams/month. The album has already hit the 1,250,000+ streams as well.


6 months
Discover Weekly and Release Radar

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