Makena Case Study

Makena Case Study


Makena was an Alt Rock quintet hailing from Chicago. While the talent was obviously there, the marketing aspect was lacking for the group: they were sitting on a few hundred followers and about 120 monthly listeners, with an EP under their belts.

To make sure we'd be highlighting the new material they were releasing, we split an EP into 6 different singles and used every one of them to develop and eventually cultivate their Spotify. Gradually, listeners, streams and followers kept climbing with every new song released. We were even able to turn the right heads to land the band's newest track on SiriusXM Octane, and Test Drive for the Winter holidays.

By January, the band had 7,000 monthly listener and landed their first editorial ever. Additionally, weekly, we'd see an increase across the board in streams, listeners and followers due to the algorithms we were able to trigger. After that, the following singles were also placed on multiple editorials and, by the end of March, we had hit the 30,000 monthly listeners and had passed the 2,000 followers mark.


5 months

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