Radiofix Case Study

Radiofix rock

Promotion of an album release on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram with custom ads and playlisting.

We tested 2 different ad creatives to five different audiences to see which performed the best.

In addition to audiences based on interest targeting, we included a retargeting audience of the band’s past Instagram engagers, as well as a lookalike audience of people that clicked their previous Spotify ads.​​ ​

​The ad directed traffic to the artist profile so the artist would gain Spotify followers in addition to streams across their catalog.

Ad creative No. 1
Ad creative No. 2


Monthly Listeners
Spotify Followers
Spotify Streams
YouTube Views

Below are some of the genre specific playlists we placed their songs “The End” and “All Night Long" on. ​

We determined that the listeners from these playlists are most likely to engage with the client's music.