Stoops Case Study


Using Instagram Ads To Trigger Spotify's 'Release Radar' And 'Discover Weekly' Playlists

After 20 days of driving traffic to the “Red Cup Essentials" playlist, we saw a huge increase in streams from Spotify’s “Release Radar.”
Following the release radar push, the song was receiving additional traction on Discover weekly.


Monthly Listeners
Playlist Followers

Note: We did not use any playlisting during this campaign and achieved metrics exclusively by running highly targeted ads.

The song was receiving high save rates and many streams from listeners’ personal playlists and library.

We spent months driving traffic to Stoops artist profile prior to this release, so he had already accumulated a Spotify following and streams across the entire catalog.

These are some of the playlists that generated streams for Stoop's content, including Release Radar and Discover Weekly.